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What To Look For When Choosing A Professional Electrician In London

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If you are looking for a professional electrician in London, find a company that gives you complete peace of mind about their work and abilities. 

For helpful hints on choosing the best electrician in London, check out our list below.

Trustworthy and Experienced

Reliability is critical when selecting a professional electrician. Reliability comes with experience and knowing the job inside out. Ask your electrician for their certificates and feel assured that they have completed all training necessary to ensure they understand how to conduct the work safely and securely without risk of problems after they leave. Look to see if their work is carried out to British standards, and feel confident that your chosen electrician is experienced and qualified to take on the job. Ask them questions about previous jobs to better understand their prior work.


Find an electrician who is upfront about costs, timings and ability. Electrical issues in the home, office or business space can be hugely inconvenient and hazardous if not dealt with efficiently and effectively. At times like this, you may feel a sense of panic to get the issue dealt with quickly. And though you must not delay the job, be sure to find an electrician who is upfront about costs, materials required, and timescales. Ensure they provide you with a complete breakdown so you can scrutinise each item should you need to. 

Testimonials and Reviews

Look up online reviews and testimonials, not just on their website but through internet search engines, to get a clear picture of the electrician, their work, and how they handle customer satisfaction. Response time is often key for electrical jobs, so find someone local and ask them for realists turnaround times. 

Remember, it is OK to question decisions and ask the company about previous work before hiring them. 


What To Look For When Choosing The Best Floor Fitter In London

Looking for the best floor fitting company in London can be incredibly daunting. Research can be a minefield from search engines and blog posts to articles, adverts and pop-ups.

If you are getting a new floor fitted in your home, office, commercial or industrial space, whether polyvinyl, ceramic, tile, wood, concrete, cork or stone, finding the best floor fitter is vital.

Check out our helpful hints for finding the right floor fitters for you.


Find qualified professionals to handle a floor fitting job. A project of this magnitude requires specialist skills and expertise in the industry. Discuss your requirements with the contractor before you hire them. Some tradespeople may only specialise in one type of flooring; others may offer an extensive service, including carpeting, wood floors, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, or even tiling. Consider what you want, and if you want any finishes to the flooring once it is fitted, this can add to your demands. 

Customer Satisfaction

Read reviews and testimonials and meet with the floor fitters ahead of hiring them so you can get a sense of their style and approach to customer service. Ask for examples of previous projects completed. This can provide details on the quality of their work and the timescale it was completed. 


Be sure your floor fitters are clear with you about expectations. Whether you are getting a new floor for your home, office, commercial or industrial space, getting a new one fitted is an inconvenience during construction. It may mean the family have to move out temporarily or a halt in business and working hours for your staff; either way, knowing how long the job will take and sticking to that deadline is crucial. Before hiring and during the process, ensure you can communicate with your contractors for peace of mind. From quotes and budgets to deadlines, material costs, supplier reputations and the fitters themselves, transparency is key to a project of this size and importance. 

Be sure to keep the above points in mind when selecting your tradespeople.